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EDA/SQL (V.2.1)
    EDA/SQL (V.2.1)
      Bull DPX/2
      HP 9000 Series 800/MPE/iX, HP-UX
      IBM RS/6000, mainframe/AIX, MVS/ESA, MVS/XA
      Tandem NonStop
      Unisys U6000
    Set of DBMSs/interfaces/tools/facilities which manage/provide access
    to enterprise-wide data. Includes EDA/SQL Server which processes SQL
    requests against relational and non-relational data, API/SQL call
    level API, EDA/Link modular system of communication interfaces and
    EDA/Extender Products which are direct interfaces which allow many
    existing products immediate entry to Information Warehouse framework.- 
    Client/server programs designed to work together to provide SQL-based
    access to relational and nonrelational data on interconnected
    multivendor systems. Provides transparent access to over 45
    relational and nonrelational databases and files from PCs,
    workstations and nonprogrammable terminals. Generates SQL requests
    for data upon each user's request and transparently distributes and
    processes the requests against local or remote data and returns the
    desired results directly to the user. Allows users to join similar or
    dissimilar relational and nonrelational databases and files and update
    relational databases. Includes a call level API (API/SQL) that allows
    3GL applications to send and receive SQL requests from anywhere in the
    enterprise. Supports central storage and cataloging of procedures,
    each of which may consist of SQL statements, environmental setups or
    other programs, allowing them to be executed by any local or remote
    application. Provides centralized data definitions and security
    management and may grant or revoke access privileges to any local or
    remote data supported. Features an EDA/Link system of communications
    interfaces that ensure proper protocol conversion and create outgoing
    packets for the client, route the packets to the server and route the
    answer set packets to the appropriate client. The EDA/SQL Server
    component acts as a process director and manages the flow of data,
    keeping track of incoming requests and outgoing responses.
    =$175 (client); $3,000-$118,000 (server)