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Dr. Switch-ASE (V.2.0)
    Dr. Switch-ASE (V.2.0)
    =Unlimited phone support; tech support via 
    on-line access- 
    Library of functions that turns Clipper application into RAM resident
    program. Allows user to run large programs directly from Clipper
    applications. Provides functions to load application into memory,
    detect presence of application in memory and unload application from
    memory. Features include Exit-To-DOS, playback, Swap Miser, alarm,
    hotkey and re-boot protection.- 
    Memory utility for users of dBase, FoxBase Plus, dBXL, Clipper and
    other DBMSs. Allows dBase language to be RAM resident occupying
    13KB-19KB of RAM. Enables the user to take any size Clipper, dBase or
    FoxPro application and turn it into a 13KB-19KB RAM resident TSR
    program. Includes advanced cut-and-paste, playback, Swap Miser,
    exit-to-DOS, alarm, timer, Telephone Ring and hot-key capabilities.
    Pops up any dBase, Clipper or FoxPro application on top of any
    program. Creates a dBase language TSR that pops up using one of five
    different hot keys. Using the Alarm, Timer and Phone functions, the
    user can schedule a TSR to pop up at any time of the day or night,
    after an elapsed time or when the phone rings. Lets the user pop-up
    mailing lists, order entry systems, contact managers or entire
    database environments. Swaps all but 13KB-19KB out of memory, giving
    the user the ability to run almost any program directly from the dBase
    language program. Provides a DOS shell that lets the user run the
    program or DOS commands in a user-defined window. Provides a playback
    function that repeats any combination of keystrokes. Handles cursor
    keys, function keys and real-time pauses in the playback stream.
    Provides the ability to cut information directly from any text screen.
    Includes the keyboard routines for manually highlighting text
    on-screen. Includes a Hot Shot feature that allows users to predefine
    a screen area.
      memory manager
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    =2 MB 
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