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Distributed Object Management Environment (DOME)
    Distributed Object Management Environment (DOME)
      Windows 3.1
    Provides a distributed object services environment and toolkit for creating
     distributed applications that span heterogeneous hardware platforms. Application
     resources or objects can be shared by other applications on any platform
     within the network, with transparent network communication provided by
     DOME communication services. Systems can be developed for diverse platforms,
     using all the features of the tools available for those platforms. Provides
     utilities for software objects to communicate with each other; objects
     to be stored; a naming and directory service; and accessing distributed
     databases. Uses an asynchronous message bus architecture and a Corba compliant
     ORB. Addresses application development with a layered approach, with the
     layers addressing all the needs of an effective distributed system. Each
     layer encapsulates some aspect of the environment, putting a standard
     interface around it. The interface works the same on all platforms. This
     encapsulation strategy provides a consistent applicationenvironment to
     all platforms within the enterprise network. Provides security services
     featuring authentication, authorization, and auditing, built on a Kerberos
     5.4 base. Supported on Unix for Sun, HP, Digital, and NeXT, and supports
     OpenVMS, OS/2, and Windows 3.1.=1996 
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