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Discover Development Information System
    Discover Development Information System
    Code Analysis, Documentation, and Testing Tools
    A client/server solution for managing large, complex software development
    projects. A shared, distributed, multiuser information architecture that
    enables efficient software development and delivery. Provides unique and
    essential control for all participants in the software development process.
    Scans and identifies all elements of an organization's code, then builds a
    complete information model of the entire software system. The information
    model resides on a server that is easily accessible to everyone in the
    development organization, through the product's client-based applications.
    Key features include: impact analysis, which allows developers to analyze
    the system-wide impact of any proposed change; and Change Propagation,
    which automatically implements any approved system-wide change. Supports C
    and C++ languages, and Sun OS, Solaris, and HP-UX platforms.
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