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Dharma/SQL Access
    Dharma/SQL Access
    Middleware and Connectivity Tools
        = 1996 
      AT&T UNIX System V
      SCO Unix
      Windows NT
    database. The SQL interface is compatible with ANSI/ISO standards,
    Microsoft's ODBC standard, and Oracle SQL extensions. Independent of the
    operating system. It is portable across DBMSs. Supports different versions
    of Unix, including SunOS, SCO Unix, and Unix SVR4.2, as well as VAX/VMS,
    Windows NT, and Macintosh.- 
    Provides a Structured Query Language (SQL) interface for any
    proprietary Data Base Management System (DBMS). Enables
    interoperability between any proprietary DBMS and relational databases
    such as Oracle and Sybase, and third-party database front-end tools to
    work on any proprietary DBMS. Providers and users of proprietary DBMS
    technology can enter the mainstream of open database computing.
    Performance, functionality and cost structures of the proprietary
    database environment are also preserved. Designed to be independent
    of the operating system and is portable across DBMSs. Porting to a
    proprietary DBMS involves the completion of templated stubs which
    implement the storage interfaces on a particular storage abstraction.
    Provides three user level SQL interfaces including ISQL, ESQL and an
    SQL API. Designed for conformance with ANSI SQL Level 2, Oracle and
    the National Institute of Standards Technology (NIST) FIPS 127–2.
    Implemented in C++ using object oriented methodologies.= No 
    EMS= Yes 
    MOUSE= No 
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