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Development Solutions (V.3.6C)
    Development Solutions (V.3.6C)
    =support agreement available 
    Fourth generation procedural programming language with database
    management facilities. Features multi-level file structure, soft file
    relationships, arithmetical operations, conditional logic and
    record-locking for multi-user systems. Includes data dictionary,
    screen painter, report generator, program editing and compiling.- 
    Multi-user application development system. Runs on multi-user and
    network operating systems including Novell NetWare, 3Com Ethershare,
    networks supporting DOS 3.1 and protocols including IBM-PC Network,
    Microsoft MS-Net, Orchid PC-Net and Digital Microsystems Hi-Net.
    Exports data to spreadsheets and word processing programs. Includes
    data dictionary. Simultaneously opens 32 data files. Includes screen
    and report format painter. Supports full terminal color and effect.
    Offers structured program control, date and time data type and system
    clock support. Handles alien language calls. Written in assembler.
    Provides B+ tree record search. Transports source, data and compiled
    code. Includes field types such as alphanumeric; numeric; date fields
    from 0–9,999 A.D. in European, American, short or long form; time;
    overlay and record number. Allows user to interactively define screen
    and report format templates for use within programs. Creates
    plain-English program command sentences with keystrokes to eliminate
    syntax errors. Includes debugging facility, data restructure facility
    and automatic file maintenance program generator. Allows user to
    step-outside the runfile and perform operations written in Assembler,
    Pascal, C, COBOL, BASIC or any other language and return to
    Development Solution with the results of the operation. Allows user
    to design custom flash menus using data fields in the run files.
    =256 KB 
    =1 MB 
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