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Desktop DBA (V.2.2)
    Desktop DBA (V.2.2)
      Windows 3.X
      Windows 3.X
      LAN Manager
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    Database administration and migration utility for SQL database
    servers. Features management of multiple databases/servers in
    separate windows. Allows users to perform multiple administrative
    tasks simultaneously. Permits users to drag-and-drop copy databases
    from server to server or database objects from database to database.- 
    Provides cross-server support, drag and drop migration, task grouping,
    object-alter extensions, multiple views of security and SQL script
    editing. Edits stored procedures on Microsoft SQL Server in one
    window while adding new user accounts to Oracle Server in another.
    Allows user to open and work with many vendors servers on multiple
    platforms simultaneously. Grabs regional sales database in one state
    and drags it to corporate accounting server in another state.
    Duplicates test database for production in seconds. Chooses to copy
    data, business rules, user accounts and permissions while program
    handles details. Drags database object from one server window to
    another. Combines related tasks into single fluid process. Creates
    new server login and database user simultaneously or creates groups
    and assigns permissions to group in same window. Any time user edits
    stored procedure the program automatically recompiles procedures
    entire chain of dependencies. Realtime edit capability applies to
    changing indexes, rules and defaults. Provides multiple paths for
    assigning permissions and allows user to see all permissions granted
    to user or group. Provides SQL script editor that allows user to write
    SQL code to automate any task. Saves and stores scripts as ASCII
    files to be executed whenever needed.=2 MB 
    =1 MB 
    =$1,995 (single-user); $5,795 (5-user); $14,995