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Delphi Client/Server Suite 2.0
    Delphi Client/Server Suite 2.0
    Client/Server and Host Application Development Tools
      Windows 95
      Windows NT
    An advanced developer tool for building and delivering client/server
    applications. Features data integrity, reuse features, and an intuitive,
    object-oriented interface. The suite also includes a two-user copy of
    InterBase for Windows NT, a SQL database server; a complete set of database
    design and analysis tools; integrated team development support; and native
    32-bit SQL Link drivers licensed for royalty-free deployment on Sybase,
    Oracle, Informix, InterBase, and SQL Server. The new Delphi 2.0 versions
    fully support all of the new operating system features of Windows 95 and
    Windows NT. A new 32-bit-optimized native code compiler provides an
    increase in performance, and lets developers reuse existing code. New
    object-oriented capabilities for supporting client/server development
    include a centralized Object Repository and new Visual Form Inheritance.
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