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Datarun Methodology
    Datarun Methodology
    CASE, Database Design, and Modeling Tools
    An approach to designing applications that combines relational database
    design and object-oriented techniques. By focusing on nonprocedural
    specifications and object reusability, the method provides productivity in
    analysis and design. Available on Windows. Comprises five phases:
    requirements and planning, conceptual design, application specification,
    construction, and deployment. Three components provide the method's
    productivity of this method: the firm foundation provided by tying the
    application design to the business process model; the rapid development of
    the conceptual data model, which serves as the basis for the estimation and
    design; and the encapsulation of the business rules in methods built over
    the data model providing specification and object reuse in design and
    construction. A site license costs $26,500.=A site license costs $26,500 
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