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Database Gateway for MVS 2.5
    Database Gateway for MVS 2.5
    Middleware and Connectivity Tools
    A DB2 middleware solution, which, in combination with the Access Server for
    MVS/CICS, provides: dynamic read/write access to DB2, the ability to move
    data bidirectionally between the mainframe and LAN-based data sources,
    support for mainframe applications acting as clients to LAN-based
    resources, dynamic read/write access to nonrelational mainframe data
    through the addition of InfoHub, and the freedom to use more than 100
    certified application development and query tools. Also provides enhanced
    data type and cursor support; certification with InfoHub 1.3, Replication
    Server, and the latest Intersolv ODBC driver; and support for PeopleSoft
    5.0 applications. Pricing starts at $5590.=Pricing starts at $5590 
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