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DataTools-BackTrack for Oracle
    DataTools-BackTrack for Oracle
    DBA Tools
    6.0.37 and later, including Oracle7. Integrates all aspects of Oracle
    backup and recovery by automating backup, improving performance, and
    providing data security. Backups are automated with cold and full or
    partial online and off-line backups, archive log-backup management, export
    direct to tape, dynamic reconfiguration, accurate online backup history,
    and a menu-driven configuration. Improves backup performance with parallel
    input and output stripping, incremental physical backups, and data
    compression (including null space compression). Other features include
    encryption, dry-run data verification, and integration with many
    third-party file-system backup software products. Runs on Sun SPARC, SunOS,
    IBM RS/6000, and HP 9000 platforms.
      DataTools Inc.
        =Menlo Park, CA 415–617–9100