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DataTools SQL-Backtrack for Sybase
    DataTools SQL-Backtrack for Sybase
    DBA Tools
    later, including System 10. Supports both physical- and logical-format
    backups. Physical backups, useful for disaster recovery purposes, provide
    incremental backups, data compression, and data encryption. Logical-format
    backups are useful for moving, copying, and archiving database data.
    Features include object-level backup and recovery, data migration between
    Sybase versions or hardware/software platforms, data compression, data
    encryption, dump stripping, complete backup automation, simplified recovery
    through an online backup history, media tracking, recovery verification,
    and integration with file-system backup products. Runs on Sun SPARC, SunOS,
    IBM RS/6000, and HP 9000 platforms. $4595 per SQL Server license;
    multiple-server license discounts are available.=$4595 per SQL Server license; multiple-server license discounts are available 
      DataTools Inc.
        =Menlo Park, CA 415–617–9100