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    Libraries, Components, and Frameworks
      Windows 95
      Windows NT
    A high-performance, grid component. Features virtual memory and advanced
    data caching schemes. Also features editable cells, which can have:
    bitmaps, check boxes, and combo boxes; colors and fonts; horizontal and
    vertical splitter windows; resizeable columns and rows; column sorting;
    region selection; built-in column searches and column totaling; and 3D
    effects. Full message-based, OWL, and MFC class programming interfaces.
    Packaged as 16/32-bit DLL, VBX, and OCX. Available for Windows, Windows 95,
    and Windows NT. $249; with source: $1495. Source code available.=$249; with source: $1495 
      ProtoView Development Corp.
        =Cranbury, NJ 609–655–5000 
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