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DataPrism for Windows (V.2.0)
    DataPrism for Windows (V.2.0)
      Windows 3.X
      Windows 3.X
    =30-day phone support 
    Front-end graphical query tool for SQL databases that can access
    Oracle database servers and all server supported by Sybase's Open
    Client and Apple's DAL. Provides full query capabilities without
    requiring any knowledge of SQL. Allows local sorts on data that has
    been retrieved from server.- 
    Graphical, front-end ad hoc database query tool incorporating a
    multi-featured user interface, interactive reporting and numerous
    export capabilities. Read-only operation prevents any altering of the
    database being queried. Accesses information stored in corporate
    databases using point-and-click interface. Requires no knowledge of
    SQL. Extracts information from local and remote relational databases
    without programming. Once logged in, the program shows the user all
    data structures and underlying data. Displays the Table Catalog which
    shows all available tables or allows the user to choose a subset of
    tables during logon. Tables are accessed using a drag-and-drop
    method, at which point the program builds a picture of the table with
    all available columns. Provides preview of the entire contents of
    each selected table. Queries are built by pulling column names up onto
    the Request Line. Understands relationships between tables and
    derives proprietary or user-specified joins. Supplies constraint
    options or supports user-defined valid constraints. Edits/saves
    queries at any step in the query-building process. Allows user to
    format fonts, integers, strings dates, and colors. Supports column
    and table name aliasing. Operates in background. Charts and prints
    query results or exports results to spreadsheet, word processing, or
    page layout programs in standard spreadsheet formats or as
    tab/comma-delimited text. Uses System 7's Publish feature, sharing
    current information with other applications. Transparently accesses
    most major databases.
    =2 MB 
    =1.5 MB