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DataPerfect (V.2.3)
    DataPerfect (V.2.3)
    =toll-free phone support 
    Menu-driven RDBMS. Supports 80 files per database, 16 million records
    per file and 80 fields per record. Imports records in Delimited DOS
    Text or WordPerfect Merge format. Supports multi-level reporting.
    Includes merging and exporting macros, indexing system and Office
    Shell for integration with other WordPerfect and third-party products.- 
    Menu-driven RDBMS. Provides a menu system that defines field options,
    sets up colors and operates without using a programming language.
    Allows user to create a panel or screen form for each database file
    and index and interrelate files in a variety of ways. Field formats
    can include alphanumeric, uppercase, date, time, decimal numeric,
    left-aligned numeric, floating decimal, logical and variable-length
    text fields. Text fields can contain up to 32,000 characters. Data
    relationships supported include one-to-one, one-to-many, many-to-one
    and many-to-many. Includes a formula processor for initializing and
    calculating fields, validating fields and manipulating dates.
    Mathematical operators include addition, subtraction, multiplication,
    division, modular and forced negation. Nine logical operators
    including and, or and not provide value comparisons. Cross-references
    records in different ways without limiting the number of creatable
    indexes. Includes a lookup feature accessible via moving the cursor
    to a field and pressing the up arrow. Highlights field value selected
    along with corresponding field values in other records displaying them
    in the lookup list at the top of the screen. Search feature allows
    user to find records that meet preselected specific criteria. Uses
    ranges, template with wildcard characters and formulas, performing
    them on one file or across multiple files. Includes customizable
    menus, box shadows and 3D effects, financial and statistical functions
    capability, diagnostic reports, as many as 256 possible indices per
    file, and a Field Jump feature that allows users to jump from field to
    field within an index.
      macro utility
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