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DataMgr VBX and Template Maker
    DataMgr VBX and Template Maker
    Libraries, Components, and Frameworks
      Windows 3.1
    prints, and faxes Visual Forms/PCL files filled with data. Application
    users can view the form with data on the screen and have it sent to the
    printer or to a fax. Bypasses the Windows printer driver and sends PCL
    files to the laser printer. Comes with three working examples containing
    source code for Visual Basic and C. Can be used with Visual Forms/PCL and
    Template Maker. Template Maker is a Windows-hosted environment. Load Visual
    Forms/PCL; position data fields on the screen with the click of a mouse;
    just drag and drop or use a dialog box for pinpoint positioning; and
    specify font, point size, field size, and left, right, centered, or
    justified text for data fields. Requires Windows 3.1. DataMgr VBX, Template
    Maker: $99; bundle price.=Maker: $99; bundle price 
      Bytech Business Systems Inc.
        =Pomona, NY 914–354–8666