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DataImport 4.0 for Windows
    DataImport 4.0 for Windows
    Data Conversion, Extraction, and Migration
    Translates text-based data from any source into more than 30 database and
    spreadsheet formats, including Access, Paradox, Excel, and dBASE
    applications. Users can get the data they want out of mainframe reports and
    data dumps, print-to-disk files, downloaded information, email, or any
    other text file accessible on a PC. Useful for compiling data from diverse
    sources into single or multiple databases: mainframe data, text-based
    reports, Internet information downloads, product listings, or phone-system
    logs. Handles data in columnar, record-per-page, and other formats, with
    output to native format files and appending to existing database and
    spreadsheet files. Online demo available on CompuServe (CompuServe: GO
    SPALDING, Lib 2, filename: diwtd.zip).
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