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    DataFountain is a data mart reporting and analysis tool designed for use
    with corporate Intranets. It lets organizations deploy EIS applications
     on their internal Web servers, allowing more rapid, more complete sharing
     of vital corporate information. DataFountain consists of three modules:
     the Data Integrator, the Builder, and DiveNet. The Data Integrator combines
     data from multiple data marts for use by the Builder, which takes data
     drom the Data Integrator or directly from various data marts and creates
     a multidimensional data model. DiveNet is a graphical user interface that
     provides drillable dimensions appearing as hotlinks, as well as pull-down
     menus. It incorporates active links to return single-cell values or entire
     tables of information for inclusion in any HTML document.=1996 
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        =Burlington, MA; 617–229–9111 
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