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DataEngine Product Family
    DataEngine Product Family
    The DataEngine product family combines conventional data analysis methods
     with fuzzy logic and neural networks. It consists of: DataEngine, a software
     tool for data analysis in which fuzzy rule-based systems, fuzzy clustering
     methods, neural networks, and neural-fuzzy systems are implemented in
     combination withconventional methods of mathematics, statistics, and signal
     processing; DataEngine V.i, an add-on library for LabVIEW. It provides
     virtual instruments for fuzzy logican neural nets that can be applied
     for data analysis as well as for fuzzy control tasks; and DataEngine ADL,
     which enables you to integrate classifiers or controllers developed with
     DataEngine or DataEngine V.i into your own software environment. It is
     available as a DLL for Windows oras a C++ library for different compilers
     and platforms.=1996 
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