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Data*designer (V.4.0)
    Data*designer (V.4.0)
    =Free phone support 
    RDBMS for business or home use. Creates/edits files, designs
    reports/mailing labels, indexes, sorts, queries, customized entry
    forms, searches and imports dBase files.- 
    File structures may contain up to 50 fields. Each field name or
    descriptor may be up to 15 characters long. Character fields may be
    up to 60 characters long. Numeric fields allow a precision of 16
    digits, with up to four decimal places. Date fields are automatically
    generated to a length of eight bytes with a format of MM/DD/YY. Files
    may contain up to one million records. Maximum record length is 3,000
    bytes. Records may be added, edited, or deleted once the file
    structure or database has been defined. An entry panel for adding or
    modifying records is automatically generated from the user defined
    file layout or structure. Files may be indexed on as many as fifteen
    fields. A sorted file may also be created. Indexing or sorting is
    done in main memory for optimum speed unless the file is very large,
    in which case disk I/O is used. Generally, indexing is recommended
    for files containing no more than 30,000 records. Using an index
    file, a record may be rapidly retrieved through the locate function.
    Databases may be queried or filtered on as many as 5 user defined
    conditions. Multiple records may be viewed on the screen. User may
    select which records to view by filtering. Posts from one database to
    another and links up to 5 databases by index or record.=640 KB 
    =1.2 MB 
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