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DSS Executive 3.0
    DSS Executive 3.0
    Query, Reporting, and Analysis Tools
      Windows 95
      Windows NT
    A design tool for building executive information systems (EIS) on top of a
    multidimensional object library. Provides a series of executive views or
    briefs to senior executives enabling them to access business-critical
    information from the data warehouse. Also, requires virtually no training
    time, enabling novice end users to access information stored in the data
    warehouse through a button-driven interface. Provides developers with a
    tool to define the key components of an EIS (screens, buttons, analyses,
    images, and navigation paths). Without any custom programming, developers
    can build new EIS applications on top of existing DSS applications. As the
    underlying objects (reports, filters, dimensions, and so on) change, the
    EIS applications are dynamically and transparently updated. Available on
    Microsoft Windows, Windows NT, Windows 95, and OS/2.
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