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DOME Data Manager (DDM) 3.2
    DOME Data Manager (DDM) 3.2
    Database Servers and Host DBMSs
      Windows 3.1
    A complete relational DBMS engine that makes distributed data management
    transparent to the user, who need never indicate the physical location of
    data, the server of access, or the underlying vendor, to process the
    physical request. From the user's perspective, the enterprise becomes a
    single logical DBMS, residing completely on the local machine. By
    conforming to the SQL Access Group's Call-Level Interface standard, DDM can
    interoperate with numerous third-party tools such as GUIs and CASE tools.
    This enables clients to be distributed across a WAN without significant
    changes to the application logic or the use of compute- and
    network-intensive SQL calls. Supports multiple Sybase SQL Servers and
    multiple Sybase data stores. Runs on SunOS and Solaris, HP-UX, NextStep,
    Digital Unix, OS/2, and Windows 3.1.
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