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NIKA_ROOT DECtp Desktop for ACMS (Application Control and Management System) Digital Equipment Corp. => Digital Equipment Corp.
SQL Multimedia for DEC Rdb (V.1.1)
    SQL Multimedia for DEC Rdb (V.1.1)
    SQL Multimedia for DEC Rdb (V.1.1)
        Apple Macintosh
        DEC DECsystem, DECstation, VAX, VAXstation, VAXserver, MicroVAX/OpenVMS, ULTRIX
      Manipulates/stores/retrieves multimedia objects from client
      applications that work with VAX Rdb/VMS databases. Consists of
      software libraries of callable routines that give SQL applications and
      SQL/Services client-based applications ability to insert/retrieve
      multimedia data objects into/from VAX Rdb/VMS databases. Consists of
      SQL Multimedia Development for Rdb/VMS and SQL Multimedia Run-time for
      Designed to manipulate, store and retrieve multimedia objects from
      client applications that run under VAX Rdb/VMS databases. Includes
      the SQL Multimedia Development for Rdb/VMS and the SQL Multimedia
      Runtime for Rdb/VMS. Manages multimedia objects. Enables access to
      multimedia objects stored in VAX Rdb/VMS databases through the use of
      the SQL Multimedia software library. Supports access through both SQL
      and SQL Services compatible interfaces. Builds a client/server
      environment that supports VAX Rdb/VMS as the database server and the
      VMS, ULTRIX for RISC, MS-DOS, Microsoft Windows and Macintosh client
      environments. Features concurrent access, security, data maintenance,
      transparent access to multiple storage devices, standard storage
      format for multimedia objects and shared data across applications.
      Defines and operates on five data object classes including COMPOUND
      DOCUMENT class in DDIF, the Digital document interchange formats,
      IMAGE class in DDIF/Image of DECimage frame format, TABLE class in
      DTIF, the Digital table interchange formats, TEXT class in record
      delimited, eight-bit byte streams and BLOB class in independent,
      application-defined formats. Allows users to specify
      application-specific or user-defined formats for each object class and
      can fetch legacy data from the database. Allows multimedia objects
      inserted into and fetched from a database as an entire object in main
      memory, an object buffered to main memory via data streams or a file.
      Enables users to access multimedia databases from VMS, ULTRIX, MS-DOS,
      Microsoft Windows and MPW and THINK C environments.