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DECtp Desktop for ACMS (Application Control and Management System)
    DECtp Desktop for ACMS (Application Control and Management System)
      Apple Macintosh
      DEC VAX, VAXft, MicroVAX, VAXstation, VAXserver/OpenVMS, OSF/1
    Provides users with access to VAX-based transaction processing
    programs from desktop environment. Reduces number of host processing
    cycles required for transaction processing. Provides API for custom
    written applications. Allows developers to use Apple's DAL or
    HyperCard as interfaces. Provides sample HyperCard application
    including XFCNs.- 
    Allows application programs running in DOS, Macintosh, SCO UNIX,
    ULTRIX and VMS Operating System environments to access VMS-based ACMS
    transaction processing applications through a desktop programming
    interface. Includes Desktop ACMS Portable Client for DOS, ULTRIX, SCO
    UNIX and VMS; Desktop ACMS Client for Macintosh; and Desktop ACMS
    Server for VMS. Includes ACMS, Rdb/VMS, DECforms, CDD/Repository for
    VMS and VAXset. Provides a set of application programming interfaces,
    along with support libraries, that allow software programs to interact
    with ACMS applications as authenticated clients. Supports
    non-blocking programs. Allows programs to be structured to include an
    event-dispatching mechanism and a collection of procedures that are
    invoked by this dispatching mechanism as a result of an event.
    Provides support for a synchronous command-line interface for in-line
    procedural implementation using Microsoft COBOL on DOS and
    asynchronous event-driven interface to accommodate such non-blocking
    tools as Motif or Microsoft Windows. Automatically calls presentation
    procedure routines by the Desktop ACMS Portable Client to display
    forms for the desktop user. Supports enhanced windows operating mode.
    Provides runtime libraries for the client operating systems to
    support the execution of client programs that use the Desktop ACMS
    Clients. Authenticates desktop clients. Calls tasks for users.
    Communicates with the desktop client program as part of ACMS task
    exchange step execution. Provides information to the ACMS system
    manager concerning Desktop ACMS submitters.=No