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DBtools.h++ 1.0
    DBtools.h++ 1.0
    Desktop DBMSs/Application Development Systems
        = 1996 
    A C++ object-oriented class library for accessing relational and
    ODBC-compliant databases. Provides classes for manipulating data, handling
    errors, creating expressions, connecting to databases, and achieving
    database portability. The interface bridges relational databases and
    object-oriented applications by encapsulating fundamental operations and
    data types into C++ classes. Using objects, you can replace the logic of
    the underlying C API with an object-oriented, component-based application
    design. Achieves portability through a two-tier architecture that includes
    a public interface and separate access libraries for the various databases
    supported. Software developers can substitute other RDBMSs without
    rewriting, recompiling or relinking their applications. Includes the de
    facto standard C++ foundation class library, Tools.h++. No runtime fees.
    Source code is available. Supports Oracle, Sybase, Ingres, Informix, and
    ODBC-compliant databases. Available on most Unix and Windows platforms.
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