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DBGeneral-SQLWatch Option
    DBGeneral-SQLWatch Option
      Windows 3.X
      Windows 3.X
    = 90-day free phone support 
    Database performance monitor. Continually monitors status of SQL
    Server and records user-defined events. Analyzes concurrency problems
    with Blocked Processes Tree. Includes 8 animated graphs which provide
    continuous server performance feedback. Allows user to log events
    designated as important with event recorder.- 
    Windows-based performance monitor for SYBASE and Microsoft SQL
    Servers. Provides server statistics in real-time. Offers a user
    interface to monitor activities and analyze problems. Includes CPU
    percent utilized, new and deceased processes and a nested count of
    blocked processes. Filters detailed lock information to allow users
    to view locks of most concern. Provides continuous server performance
    feedback. Allows user to log important designated server events.
    Captures custom messages from user-developed applications. Presents
    bar graph for users, processes, blocked processes, runnable processes,
    locks, collect time, CPU percent utilization, disk I/Os per second,
    packet I/Os per second, disk errors and packet errors. Provides a
    dynamic list of processes which are currently executing on the SQL
    Server. Presents a detailed view of blocked processes and locks held
    by that process. Allows user to simultaneously open several process
    detail windows. Offers a view of the multiple levels of blocked
    processes. Identifies the existence of significant concurrency issues
    on a SQL Server. Provides the ability to monitor user-defined events.
    Provides graphs that allow the user to change dimensions, scale,
    color and fill patterns to fit specific needs. Prints onto any
    windows-supported graphics printer. Tracks the total count of
    concurrent users. Displays total concurrent processes.
    = 4 MB 
    = 2 MB 
    MOUSE= Yes 
    = VGA 
    = $795-$1,995 
    = 400 
    = 1992 
      Bradmark Technologies, Inc.
          Bradmark Technologies, Inc.
              4265 San Felipe, Ste. 800, Houston, TX 77027
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