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DBGeneral Object Manager for Oracle
    DBGeneral Object Manager for Oracle
        = 1996 
        = 1997 
    A Windows-based tool for automating database administration tasks to reduce
     the time a DBA needs to maintain the database by providing a single interface
     for modifying and migrating any database structure. Features include restructuring
     of tables, rebuilding tablespaces, complete user and role management,
     complete object privilege management, maintenance of triggers, and sophisticated
     database navigation. Provides a script generation feature so all operations
     can be executed online or saved as scripts for execution at a later time.
     Also generates SQL code for all operations, so replicating changes across
     multiple databases is easy. In addition, the DDL for any object can be
     retrieved from the catalog so re-creating or recompiling objects is simple
     and fast. A context-sensitive SQL editor, EZ-SQL, is available for online
     execution of any Oracle command and can be used to create custom scripts
     for more sophisticated SQL operations.= 1996 
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