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DBAPrep for Windows
    DBAPrep for Windows
      Windows 3.X
      Windows 3.X
    = $1,595 
    = Maint. fee 15% of purchase price per yr.; 90-day 
    free phone support- 
    Allows user to intermix C/C++ with ANSI/ISO Standard Embedded SQL
    applications once and generate C API source code for target DBMS.
    Includes open preprocessor, precompiler and CASE Tool for SQL
    application developers. Supports Sybase, Oracle, SQLBase, XDB, Q&E
    Database, Database Manager ES, SQL Server, ANSI SQL and Microsoft ODBC
    Level 2 database platforms.- 
    Programs ANSI/ISO Standard Embedded SQL applications and generates the
    C API source for the target data base. Supports such data bases as
    Sybase, SQL Server, SQLBase, XDB, Oracle and Q+E. Replaces the
    Embedded SQL statements with the appropriate C API function calls by
    intermixing SQL statements with C language statements in the source
    program. Provides data base independence across multiple DBMSs.
    Includes a preprocessor, precompiler and a DBA Tool for SQL
    application developers. Preprocessor allows Embedded SQL development
    without requiring a target data base. Precompiler performs additional
    actions and connects to the target data base to store engine specific
    statements and procedures. The DBA Took processes CREATE TABLE SQL
    statements to create entity-relationship diagrams, referential
    integrity rules, and useful listings and include files.
      source code
    = 2 MB 
    = $595 
    = 1991