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DBAPort for Windows
    DBAPort for Windows
      Windows 3.X
      Windows 3.X
    = $18,995 
    = Maint. fee 15% of purchase price per yr.; 90-day 
    free phone support- 
    Automates conversion, replication and migration of multiple SQL
    database platforms. Provides method for porting DDL schema, data,
    indexes, privileges, views and integrity between multiple leading
    traditional and client/server database platforms. Includes WINPort
    task-oriented GUI which allows user to enter options, point and select
    database source and targets and table and column subsets and change
    data types.- 
    Works as a client application accessing the source database to read
    the system catalogs and determine the schema definition as it exists.
    Connecting to the target database, this program then creates the
    target database and schema definitions using the target vendor's DDL.
    Provides a universal mapping matrix with default data types that the
    user can change. The user can selectively add, delete or rename the
    source tables and columns before beginning the database transfer
    process. Maps inconsistent data types and writes all or a specified
    range of rows from the source tables/columns to the target
    tables/columns intact. Automates the porting of existing grant/revoke
    privileges, indexes, defined views and Referential Integrity
    definitions from the source to the target database. Establishes a
    full duplicate or a subset of a production database to isolate a
    decision support database and refresh the data as needed. Provides
    importing and exporting of the archived data at a later point in time
    back into the same database or into a different database on a
    different OS. Recreates declarative, trigger, and functional
    referential integrity in the target database.
    EMS= Yes 
    MOUSE= Yes 
    = $3,495 (base system, $795 addl. for each database) 
    = 1993