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    =Maint. fee 10% of purchase price per yr. after 
    first yr.- 
    Integrated workbench analyzes SQL/DS performance data. Automatically
    analyzes and manipulates data generated by DB/Monitor. Displays
    performance data in various graphic formats including bar graphs,
    scatter plots, line graphs and histograms. Reports can be customized
    to meet site requirements.- 
    Integrated workbench that allows DBAs, capacity planners, programmers
    and managers to analyze, explain and graphically describe the
    performance of the SQL/DS system. Automatically analyzes and
    manipulates the data by DB/MONITOR. Displays performance data in bar
    graphs, scatter plots, line graphs and histograms. Produces the
    performance data in user-customizable reports. Analyzes the current
    and predicts the future performance of SQL/DS databases. Allows user
    to obtain performance data on specific SQL/DS performance. Generates
    daily, weekly, monthly and yearly performance reports. Displays
    graphics one, two or four to a screen to allow user to identify
    changes that occur in the database performance. Permits user to query
    information on specific performance variables. Automatically executes
    the query and places its results in report format. Query files can be
    printed, saved to a file for later analysis, or used to create plots
    and graphs. Provides several predefined reports.
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