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      Windows 3.X
      Windows 3.X
    = Maint. fee $150-$750 per yr. after first yr. 
    Client/server application that provides extensions and front-end to
    Adager Corporation's Adager and other database maintenance tools.
    Provides capacity management and Trend Analyzer that indicates how
    fast datasets are filling up. Automatically invokes Adager to adjust
    dataset capacities when preset thresholds are reached. Makes
    structural changes, renames, adds or deletes data items.- 
    Client/server application that provides extensions and a front-end to
    Adager and other database maintenance tools. Designed to serve both a
    small installation with a single central processor and a large
    installation with enterprisewide computing needs. Functions as a
    control center that incorporates all the operations needed for
    managing both TurboIMAGE/iX and AllBase/SQL databases. A single
    client control center can connect simultaneously to multiple servers
    and control multiple database maintenance tasks. Routine operations
    can be recorded and propagated to all systems. Includes a
    communication layer that is compatible with LANs, WANs, X.25 or serial
    links. Extends the usefulness of the server tools by providing
    historical information, consistency and integration. Generates
    graphical displays that show where data is located, how keys are
    distributed and how fast datasets are filling. Can be configured to
    alert users to potential capacity or performance problems or to
    resolve the problems automatically. Extends the capabilities of user's
    database maintenance utility with additional functionality and
    automatic operations. Features AutoCap Manager which automatically
    adjusts the size of configured data sets according to user
    instructions and pre-set thresholds, Trend Analyzer which samples
    capacity and usage of configured data sets and then presents the
    information in graphical form, LDEV Chart which provides the graphical
    display of the distribution of data files and Forecaster which
    estimates how long database operations will take based on historical
    = $1,100 and up 
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