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NIKA_ROOT DB-Fabs/DABL (V.3.0F) Computer Control Systems, Inc. => Computer Control Systems, Inc.
Fabs Plus Net (V.4.6)
    Fabs Plus Net (V.4.6)
    Fabs Plus Net (V.4.6)
      = Free phone/fax support 
      Maintains key files for data retrieval in large files. Provides
      auxiliary programs for construction of new index files. Opens up to
      20 files concurrently. Shared files protection. Permits generic
      searches. Supports duplicate keys and multi-level sequencing. ASCII
      or integer keytype.= 256 KB 
      = 25 KB 
      = No 
      EMS= No 
      MOUSE= No 
      = $295 
      = 100,000 
      = 1993