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NIKA_ROOT D-The Data Language (V.2.8) Caltex Software, Inc. => Caltex Software, Inc.
D-The Data Language (V.2.8)
    D-The Data Language (V.2.8)
    D-The Data Language (V.2.8)
        IBM RS/6000/AIX
        SCO UNIX
        SCO XENIX
      = Maint. fee 15% of purchase price per yr. 
      5GL and RDBMS. Client/server based, network optimized, DBMS
      development and processing system, designed for use in large
      multi-user environment.- 
      A 5GL ERDBMS (Entity Relationship Data Base Management System) which
      fully integrates relational and object-based application development
      technologies and supports distributed data bases and applications.
      Designed to create and implement enterprise-wide mission-critical
      business applications across data intensive networks and multi-user
      environments. This RISS (Reduced Instruction Set Software) focuses on
      data, not programming. Developers never have to resort to C or lower
      level language subroutines to accomplish their tasks. Designed for
      team development. Expedites and promotes on-the-fly modeling. Enables
      a business to mirror its working reality. The core architecture was
      designed to perform at maximum efficiency in complex multi-user
      environments. Supports distributed data bases and distributed
      applications across multiple servers on a network. High level
      language and interactive development environment enable developers to
      achieve a quantum gain in productivity. Features on-line
      context-sensitive help.
        text retrieval
      = 512 KB 
      = 1 MB 
      = Yes 
      EMS= Yes 
      MOUSE= No 
      = $395 (DOS); $1,295-$13,000 (network); $1,995-$20,000 
      (UNIX)= 3,000 
      = 1993