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Cyrano WorkBench
    Cyrano WorkBench
        = 1997 
    Cyrano WorkBench is a performance analyzer that focuses on SQL transactions.
     It is an open server process that sits between a client application and
     SQL Server. It determines the location of poorly performing SQL within
     transactions, stored procedures, triggers, cursors, or any other method
     of sending SQL. Provides threshold levels that allow relatively well-behaved
     SQL to filter through but still flags and alerts users to bad SQL. Works
     with Sybase SQL Server and Microsoft SQL Server 6.x and above. Pricing
     starts at $5000.= Pricing starts at $5000 
    = 1997 
    = 1996 
        = Newburyport, MA; 800–714–4900, 508–462–0737 
        HTTP= http://www.cyrano.com ->