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CorVu 3.1
    CorVu 3.1
    CorVu is a three-tiered, Windows-based query and reporting system that
     lets users make business decisions based on graphically represented data
     from a wide range of databases. Provides modules for database access and
     queries that transform data into multidimensional forms and applications
     that allow drill-through analysis without the need to predefine a database
     structure. Runs on all Windows platforms. CorVu is priced at an average
     of $900 per user for the base system.=CorVu is priced at an average of $900 per user for the base system 
      CorVu Corp.
        =Eden Prairie, MN; 800–610–0769, 612–944–7777 
        HTTP= http://www.corvu.com ->