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NIKA_ROOT Convert4 Financial Modeling Specialists, Inc. => Financial Modeling Specialists, Inc.
AP Form (V.4.0) Financial Modeling Specialists, Inc. => Financial Modeling Specialists, Inc. => Financial Modeling Specialists, Inc.
ParaTrak (V.3.4)
    ParaTrak (V.3.4)
    ParaTrak (V.3.4)
      = phone support 
      Documents and analyzes Paradox Application Language scripts with all
      output in Paradox tables and 46 default reports. Creates procedure
      flow diagram, documents procedures, variables, functions and fields.
      Detects errors. Supports Paradox version 4.- 
      Documents and analyzes Paradox scripts. Documents all scripts as a
      unit to determine linkages between them. Documentation includes
      procedure definitions and linkages, variables, PAL functions and
      fields. A procedure flow diagram reveals the entire flow of an
      application including procedure calls between scripts. Procedures can
      be examined from both the parent and child perspective. Variable
      documentation includes analysis to determine global variables and
      unused variables. Flow analysis allows in depth examination of
      individual procedures. Error detection traps for procedures called by
      not defined, procedures defined more than once, procedures and
      functions called with the wrong number of parameters and procedures in
      recursion. Fully integrates with user's editor. While viewing
      documentation, the mini-edit key invokes the editor for the current
      record's script to allow quick update of errors detected. All output
      is in Paradox tables with 46 default reports. Users can query or sort
      the results, modify reports or add their own reports. Runs within
      Paradox, is entirely menu driven and includes a fast script analysis
      module written in Pascal. Supports Paradox 3.0, 3.5 and 4.0.= 640 KB 
      = 250 KB 
      EMS= Yes 
      MOUSE= Yes 
      = $145 (single-user); $375 (multi-user) 
      = 1992