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NIKA_ROOT Convert4 Financial Modeling Specialists, Inc. => Financial Modeling Specialists, Inc.
AP Form (V.4.0) => AP Form (V.4.0) Financial Modeling Specialists, Inc. => Financial Modeling Specialists, Inc.
ParaStat (V.2.0)
    ParaStat (V.2.0)
    ParaStat (V.2.0)
      = phone support 
      Statistically analyzes Paradox data with output in Paradox tables.
      Includes field analysis, group analysis, field comparison, regression,
      crosstabs with Chi-square and probability evaluation. Menu-driven and
      callable within scripts. Supports Paradox versions 3, 3.5 and 4.- 
      Offers a range of statistical features for Paradox. Extends the power
      of Paradox queries with all output in tables similar to ANSWER tables.
      Runs directly from the Paradox menu and is entirely menu driven with
      point and choose options. PAL programmers can also include all
      features of their applications. Features include field analysis
      (percentiles, frequency distribution, variance, standard deviation,
      mode, skewness, kurtosis, confidence intervals, t-Test vs. mean),
      group analysis (two sample t-Test, analysis of variance), field
      comparison (covariance, correlation, R-Square, paired t-Test,
      probability, chi-square), regressions (simple, multiple and
      polynomial), cross-tabulations with Chi-Square and evaluation of
      probability for test values (Z value, student's t, chi-square and F
      value). An unlimited number of records and up to fifty fields can be
      analyzed at once.
        statistics and mathematics
      = 640 KB 
      = 1.6 MB 
      = Yes 
      EMS= Yes 
      MOUSE= Yes 
      = $245 (single-user); $595 (network) 
      = 1993