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Convert Series
    Convert Series
    Data Conversion, Extraction, and Migration
        = 1996 
    including programs, database definitions, and data. Convert IDMS-DB
    converts application from IDMS to SQL. Products include
    Convert/IDMS-DB-to-DB2, Convert/IDMS-DB-to-Oracle,
    Convert/IDMS-DB-to-Sybase, and Convert/IDMS-DB-to-Informix. Each operates
    in mainframe, OS/2, or Unix environments and automates schema, data, and
    program conversion. Convert/ADSO automates conversion of programs, OLM
    maps, edit and code tables, ADSA tables, and INCLUDE modules from ADSO to
    Cobol/CICS. Convert/IDMS-DC migrates programs, OLM maps, edit and code
    tables, and COPY modules from IDMS-DC to produce functionally equivalent
    CICS command-level Cobol IDMS-DB programs with BMS screens.
    Convert/CSP-to-Cobol automates migration of all CSP application components
    to Cobol II programs and maps that operate in batch and CICS online
    environments. Convert/VSAM automates application migration from VSAM to
    SQL. Products include Convert/VSAM-to-DB2, Convert/VSAM-to-Oracle,
    Convert/VSAM-to-Sybase, and Convert/VSAM-to-Informix. All application
    components are addressed. Convert Series products operate in IBM mainframe,
    OS/2, and Unix environments. Pricing starts at $50,000, and depends on the
    size of the portfolio.= Pricing starts at $50,000, and depends on the size of the portfolio 
    = 1996 
      Forecross Corp.
        = San Francisco, CA 415–543–1515