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Condor 3
    Condor 3
    Desktop DBMSs/Application Development Systems
        = 1996 
      MS DOS
    language. Menus feature command-by-example, command recording and replay,
    and online command help. Lets experienced Condor users use command-line
    manipulation. Includes a full-featured editor for creating menus,
    data-entry screens, reports forms, and command procedures, as well as
    search and replace functions and graphics capabilities. Data-entry forms
    include text manipulation functions, and a report writer that can produce
    pages up to 127 lines and 254 characters. 338K of memory and 720K floppy or
    hard disk required. $395.= 127 
    = 65534 
    = $395 
    = 1996 
      Condor DBMS Services Inc.
        = Chicago, IL 312–271–8759