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Computron Workflow
    Computron Workflow
    Business and Financial Applications
        = 1996 
      Windows NT
    Acts as an invisible layer of control that manages processes and associated
    information and lets users access work objects anywhere in the
    organization. Features Visio authoring for creative control. FirstSTEP, a
    business process reengineering tool, is also integrated with the product.
    Designed for process-centric and transaction-based, mid- to high-volume
    applications. Built on Computron's multi-tier, open, scalable architecture
    and supports a variety of platforms. Runs on Windows, Macintosh, and Motif
    clients; and IBM RS/6000, IIP 9000, Sun SPARC, Digital VAX/VMS, Alpha
    OpenVMS and Unix, and Windows NT servers. Supports Oracle, Sybase, and
    Informix databases. Application-independent but can be integrated with
    Computron's Financials, a suite of financial accounting applications, and
    Computer Output On-Line, a client/server computer output to laser disk
    solution. Supports integration with horizontal automation including fax,
    email, imaging, voice and word processing, and various line-of-business
    applications.$50,000.= applications $50,000 
    = 1996 
      Computron Software Inc.
        = Rutherford, NJ , 800–828–7660 
        HTTP= http://www.ctronsoft.com ->