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Commander DecisionWeb
    Commander DecisionWeb
        = 1997 
      Windows NT
    Commander DecisionWeb is a thin client for delivery of decision-support
     applications over the Web. It provides dynamic ad hoc reporting and analysis
     and tools to create Web-enabled decision-support applications with cross-platform
     support on the desktop and remote and global access over intranets and
     the Internet. When a user picks a DecisionWeb page, the required Java
     applets are downloaded to the client machine automatically. DecisionWeb
     includes these Java applets: a grid applet (for viewing and drill-down),
     a chart applet (for graphical views), and a dimension controller applet.
     These applets allow Commander DecisionWeb users to dynamically view a
     multidimensional (OLAP) database via an intranet or the Internet and perform
     drag-and-drop dimension rotation, drill-down, and charting. Runs on Windows
     NT.= 1996 
      Comshare Inc.
        = Ann Arbor, MI; 313–994–4800 
        HTTP= http://www.comshare.com ->