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CodeBasic 5.1
    CodeBasic 5.1
    Desktop DBMSs/Application Development Systems
        = 1996 
      Windows NT
    Brings multiuser database management capabilities and Xbase file
    compatibility to Basic programmers. Function names are similar to dBASE
    commands. Applications can share data, text, and memo files with
    concurrently running CA-Clipper, dBASE, and FoxPro programs. A new query
    optimizer can query a 500,000-record data file in under a second.
    Distribution of executables is royalty-free. Includes CodeControls 2.0,
    custom controls for Windows, and CodeReporter 2.0, a visual Xbase report
    writer. Can be compiled with Visual Basic and CA Realizer and runs under
    DOS, Windows, Windows NT, and OS/2. $249.= $249 
    = 1996 
      Sequiter Software Inc.
        = Edmonton, Alberta CANADA 403–437–2410 
        HTTP= http://www.sequiter.com ->