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CodeBase ++ 5.1
    CodeBase ++ 5.1
    Desktop DBMSs/Application Development Systems
        = 1996 
      Windows NT
    Brings multiuser database management capabilities and Xbase file
    compatibility to C++ programmers. Function names are similar to dBASE
    commands. Applications can share data, index, and memo files with
    concurrently running CA-Clipper, dBASE, and FoxPro programs. A new query
    optimizer can query a 500,000-record data file in less than a second.
    Source code is available, and distributing executables is royalty-free.
    Includes CodeControls 2.0, custom controls for Windows, and CodeReporter
    2.0, a visual Xbase report writer. Can be compiled with C++ compilers and
    runs under DOS, Windows, Windows NT, and OS/2. $495.= $495 
    = 1996 
      Sequiter Software Inc.
        = Edmonton, Alberta CANADA 403–437–2410 
        HTTP= http://www.sequiter.com ->