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ClipSQL 3.0
    ClipSQL 3.0
    Libraries, Components, and Frameworks
        = 1996 
    by permitting CA-Clipper 5.x applications to access SQL engines such as
    Microsoft SQL Server, Sybase, Informix, Oracle, and SQLBase. The RDD
    interfaces let customers access SQL files as if they were .dbf files. Users
    can also convert .dbf files into SQL format, and vice versa. Interactive
    SQL and query-by-example utilities are included. The Microsoft SQL
    Server/Sybase Gold version is protected-mode-compatible, has cursor
    control, and SQL commands can be embedded with the Clipper code in all
    versions of ClipSQL. Applications are royalty-free. Works with SQL engines
    running under DOS, Novell, Unix, and OS/2. $795.= $795 
    = 1996 
      Stro-Ware Inc.
        = Los Angeles, CA 310–312–8099, 800–278–7876