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    SQL library that allows Clipper to retrieve and update information in
    Microsoft SQL Server/Sybase, Gupta SQLBase, IBM DB2 and Oracle.- 
    Clipper SQL Server/Sybase Library. Adds database management
    capabilities to Clipper Summer 87 and 5.01 applications. Interfaces
    Clipper applications to SQLServer on OS/2 and Sybase on UNIX or
    DEC/VAX. Supports simultaneous access of up to five databases,
    including SQLServer, Sybase, Gupta SQLBase, IBM DB2 and Oracle.
    Supports true background processing. Provides functions for login,
    query, data manipulation and logout. Includes sample Clipper source
    code. Implements a client/server architecture which permits the
    separation of tasks into front-end client applications and back-end
    intelligent database servers. Includes DBLibrary which is a set of C
    functions that allow applications to interact with SQL Server.
    Includes functions that send Transact-SQL statements to SQL Server and
    functions that process the results of those statements. Other
    functions handle errors, perform data conversions and provide a
    variety of information about the interaction with SQL Server. Via
    DBLibrary, values from the database can be placed in program variables
    for manipulation by the application. Conversely, values in program
    variables can be inserted into the database. Permits the user access
    to a distributed data processing environment by taking advantage of
    the functionality of the PC and mainframe, and by reversing the
    traditional mainframe to PC relationship, where the mainframe
    essentially adopts the role of a peripheral device to the PC.= 640 KB 
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