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ClientBuilder WebAccess
    ClientBuilder WebAccess
        = 1997 
    ClientBuilder WebAccess is a Netscape Navigator and Microsoft Internet
     Explorer plug-in that provides direct access to mainframe and AS/400 information
     over the Internet or intranet in a Windows-like GUI format. ClientBuilder
     establishes realtime contact with the host, eliminating desynchronization
     problems common to HTML emulator approaches. ClientSoft's Active Channel
     Communication Manager (ACCM) creates an active session with the host application.
     The Web to Host Server acts as the data stream agent and maintains host
     application connectivity. At the desktop, a Navigator or Internet Explorer
     Web browser is the only requirement, removing software compatibility problems.
     Prices begin at $10,000.= Prices begin at $10,000 
    = 1997 
    = 1996 
      ClientSoft Inc.
        = Tarrytown, NY; 914–631–5365 
        HTTP= http://www.clientsoft.com ->