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ClearAccess for Windows (V.2.0)
    ClearAccess for Windows (V.2.0)
      Windows 3.X
      Windows 3.X
    = Maint. fee $70 per yr.; toll-free phone support 
    Updates reports based on information resident in most relational
    databases. Uses DAL, SequelNet and SequeLink high-level connectivity
    languages to query Sybase, Oracle, Ingres, Informix, VAX Rdb, DB2 and
    DS/SQL. Handles queries and logon sequences.- 
    Development library that allows developers to utilize database access
    capabilities from within their own software applications. Allows
    other applications' programming languages to directly use Clear
    Access' capabilities. Updates reports based on information resident
    in most relational databases. Contains query tool, scripting
    language, transparent links to other applications and centralized
    control of query scripts. Allows user to define a query by dragging
    and dropping wanted data items. Allows user to record each step of
    data access as a macro-like script, then run it as a totally automatic
    procedure. Offers user prompting to allow customizing queries as they
    are running. Saves scripts anywhere on the network or inside text
    fields of the database itself. Automatically moves query results into
    any other application for further analysis and manipulation. Modifies
    databases with script commands such as insert, update and delete.
    Integrates into the macro facilities of other desktop application such
    as Microsoft Excel, Informix Wingz, Lotus 1–2–3 for Windows, Claris
    Hypercard and ACIUS 4th Dimension database. Provides status messages,
    error codes and connection information.
    = 4 MB 
    = 1 MB 
    EMS= Yes 
    MOUSE= Yes 
    = $460 
    = 1992 
      Fairfield Software, Inc./ClearAccess Corp.