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Cast Workbench 3.1
    Cast Workbench 3.1
    CASE, Database Design, and Modeling Tools
        = 1996 
    server development and quality. Addresses many project facets: conception,
    coding, testing, documentation, migration, and reverse-engineering. Designs
    an entity-relationship model and, from the conceptual model, it
    automatically generates the logical and physical levels. Draws relationship
    diagrams for selected tables, procedures, and triggers. Edits object
    scripts through a direct connection with CW-Server. Also features
    repository integration, automatic script generation, and color indication
    of object status (specified, developed, and validated). For the development
    phases of coding, testing, and documenting, it offers CW-Server, CW-Test,
    and CW-Doc. CW-Server creates and manages SQL Server objects; CW-Test
    offers Windows ISQL and testing facilities; and CW-Doc provides
    high-quality documentation by parsing the server and watching the
    client/server dialog. When in production, CW-Reverse offers schema
    extraction and BCP out, while CW-Mig moves ASCII files into SQL Server with
    advanced error management. Based on a powerful syntactic and semantic
    analyzer of Transact-SQL, CW-MetaModel is a repository which manages and
    documents the client and server.
      Cast Software Inc.
        = San Francisco, CA 415–284–7970