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CabNET (V.1.0)
    CabNET (V.1.0)
      Windows 3.X
      Windows 3.X
    = Free phone support 
    Network-based, front-end application for Microsoft's SQL Server.
    Allows user to store data files for most DOS and Windows-based
    applications in intuitive file folders.- 
    Enables users on a network to interact, share files and schedule work
    using the existing software tools. The program allows users to store
    the data files for most DOS- and Windows-based applications. The
    integrated folder feature launches the program and loads the
    appropriate data file immediately. Related documents generated from
    different applications throughout the network can be stored together
    in one folder. The package includes built-in electronic mail
    capabilities that allow users to maintain more than 32,000 mail items.
    Applications can be mailed through the use of the I-Mail feature,
    which uses a drag and drop process. Mailed objects are sent through a
    database pointer and linking process. Creates referential links to a
    master document. Provides capabilities for facilitating multi-user,
    multi-image information management. Updates and amendments, whether
    made directly to the master document or through a link, are instantly
    visible to all linked copies of that document. Imaging capabilities
    can be added through the document image management system. The
    imaging facilities allow the user to scan and fax any document into
    the program, and then modify, print or fax out of the system as
    = 6 MB (client); 8 MB (server) 
    = 40 MB (client); 100 MB (server) 
    = No 
    EMS= No 
    MOUSE= Yes 
    = $495 
    = 1992 
      Imara Research Corp.
          Imara Research Corp.
              111 Peter St., Ste. 804, Toronto, ON, CD M5V 2H1
                = 416–581–1740 
                = Use main no. 
                = 416–581–1605 
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