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    CASE, Database Design, and Modeling Tools
        = 1996 
      Windows 3.11
      Windows 95
      Windows NT
    database concept to code generation. Features include: conceptual, logical,
    and physical modeling; forward- and reverse-engineering; multiuser support;
    multidatabase models; and integration with PowerBuilder, the Cast
    Repository, and Cast Workbench modules. To perform forward-engineering,
    users draw entities and relationships, then CW-Designer derives a
    client/server logical data model with logical tables and keys, and
    generates Transact-SQL code for tables, triggers, constraints, indexes, and
    procedures. For reverse-engineering: CW-Designer can build a graphical
    representation of a database and display the relationships between tables,
    triggers, procedures, indexes, batches, and client windows. An "Add Linked
    Objects" feature lets designers and developers immediately understand the
    impact of changes and the nature of relationships. CW-Designer can include
    objects from multiple databases on the same model. Models are built from a
    direct connection to the SQL System Catalog, or from the Cast Repository,
    which contains accurate dependency information gathered from parsing. Runs
    on Windows 3.11, Windows NT, and Windows 95. $2500.= $2500 
    = 1996 
      Cast Software Inc.
        = San Francisco, CA 415–296–1300